The Healing Quilts

In 2005 a stroke prematurely ended my academic career. One sadness was the unfinished research I was doing on "spiritual and religious responses to healing from trauma". In 2013 I finally determined to create "representations of findings" using the arts (Denzin & Lincoln). Some "results" are combined and are all anonymous except George Fox (found of Quakers) and John Calvi (Quaker Healer).

There are nine mandalas in this series, each 60 by 60 inches.

Healing Stories: African Great Lakes War

Triple Spiral-Betrayal

The Game of Life Labyrinth- Violence

The Vitruvian Man: Medical/Surgical Trauma

Yin-Yang: Mother and Child

George Fox (1624-1691

"The Miracles of George Fox"

Balkan Refugee Camps

The Dreamcatcher

John Calvi-Quaker Healer