The Ladies

aka Women rethinking their lives

As a feminist therapist and nursing professor, I had the privilege  of hearing about and observing the kinds of choices other women have made that, from a distance, may appear absurd. Unfortunately, some of my friends have noticed that each of the "ladies" appears to reflect some aspect of my own personality or life experience or issue about which I feel strongly.

Sometimes, when confronted by others about some of the incredibly questionable decisions I have made in my own life, I can only reply "well, it made sense at the time."

Bambi rethinks her attraction to exotic men

Krystal rethinks the government's offer to pay for school

Muriel rethinks her attraction to stable conservative men

Fionna rethinks the best use of a single magic wish

Mrs Simpson (Duchess of Windsor) may need to rethink her view that a woman can never be too thin or too rich.

Sharon doesn't need to rethink what is important in her life.


Penelope rethinks her insistence on an extravagantly expensive wedding planned a year in advance.


Betty rethinks her commitment to keeping up with youthful trends

Nicole rethinks the number of causes she can physically support

Cynthia rethinks her assumption that "Intelligent Design" had something to do with dressmaking


Martha, the Marxist Maven, rethinks the best distribution of her mother's possessions.

Holly rethinks her attraction to Bad Boys

Gwynnie rethinks the best use of brooms

Francesca rethinks the possibility that one can actually be TOO artistic

MaryJane knows better than to rethink her role as the perfect "little woman"

Gloria rethinks the meaning of "Til Death do us Part"

Cici rethinks the wonders of plastic surgery


Alison rethinks giving little girls Barbie dolls


Kay refuses to rethink her insistence that she and the youthful Liz Taylor could have been mistaken for twins.

Liz rethinks her assumption she is the center of the universe


Kathryn rethinks the joys of scrapbooking